Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hello! I, as the owner of this blog spot, will explain to you about what this is and will occur here! I will post some of my upcoming videos and/or sketches. Mostly some silly Skype calls with my friends featuring Jordan, Yuki, and Wolf. And, of course, my favorite fandom(s) such as CreepyPasta, Marvel, and much more! I DO take requests and commissions in art.  

Anywho, about me! 

My name is Aaron. I mostly like my gender to be specified as unicorn. Another huge thing about me is that I'm bad at being social.. see, that was probably bad.   

Likes: Ramen, Wolves, Anime (Naruto, AoT, ...), Screamo/Punk music  

Dislikes: Bright colors (Pink, Orange, ...), Rap, Heights, Girly girl things, Kids 

If you have any questions, you can note me on any of the following;

Skype: tiiicks DeviantART  Twitter