Sunday, September 6, 2015

Charlie Charlie (Explained)

So, I've been recently seeing people play this game called "Charlie Charlie" in which is supposed to be messages from a spooky ghost! Classic, right? Who knew there was so much more behind a single piece of paper and two pencils...

Apparently, this all started with a YouTube video called "Jugando Charly Charlie". The video was uploaded on June 6, 2014 and ever since, has been growing popular on Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media.

(Here's the video for those who are wanting to watch it;

Charlie Charlie is known to be a challenge that teens all around the world are doing. The game is pretty easy to set up. You draw a grid with "yes" and "no" diagonal from each other in two of the boxes. You take two pencils and balance them on top of each other. How easy can this get? All there is to do left is sit back, ask "yes and no" questions, and enjoy your results.

Sounds like any other spooky game to play with your friends such as the Ouija board, Terra cards, and Bloody Mary. But this game is causing harm to young teens who play it. A young man by the name of Brian White had recently played the "game" and later reported that he had been attack by the demon called "Charlie". Scratch marks had covered all along his back. Yet, others have gotten different results -- Results leading to nothing at all.

This game will forever remain a mystery when the question "Is it real?" pops up. There have been some who are lucky and some that aren't so lucky. The game is for you to decide whether it's fiction or not.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hello! I, as the owner of this blog spot, will explain to you about what this is and will occur here! I will post some of my upcoming videos and/or sketches. Mostly some silly Skype calls with my friends featuring Jordan, Yuki, and Wolf. And, of course, my favorite fandom(s) such as CreepyPasta, Marvel, and much more! I DO take requests and commissions in art.  

Anywho, about me! 

My name is Aaron. I mostly like my gender to be specified as unicorn. Another huge thing about me is that I'm bad at being social.. see, that was probably bad.   

Likes: Ramen, Wolves, Anime (Naruto, AoT, ...), Screamo/Punk music  

Dislikes: Bright colors (Pink, Orange, ...), Rap, Heights, Girly girl things, Kids 

If you have any questions, you can note me on any of the following;

Skype: tiiicks DeviantART  Twitter